2012 Kansas City Woodworking and Fine Art Show

The Kansas City Woodworkers’ Guild is proud to announce our 2012 Kansas City Woodworking and Fine Art Show.  The idea originated within our local KC Guild and the Guild will be hosting, sponsoring, planning, and coordinating this spectacular event.  This will be an indoor event and there will be food vendors as well as security.  The KC Woodworking and Fine Art Show will consist of two shows in one.  Those that attend our 2012 October show can expect to pay one reasonable price for two distinct shows.  The KC Woodworking Show will invite national and local vendors and sponsors to rent booths to showcase products and services, give presentations and demonstrations and provide information-all related to woodworking.  The KC Fine Art Show will invite artists of fine art to rent booths showcasing and selling fine art.

Here are some more facts:

  • Over 330 10×10 Spaces
  • Over 56,000 Square Feet
  • Over 15,000 People Attending

We would like to extend an invitation to become our fan on Facebook.  Although our website is our primary tool for communicating, Facebook is another way we can communicate.  Become a fan of the Kansas City Woodworking and Fine Art Show Facebook page:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kansas-City-Woodworking-and-Fine-Art-Show/181446801895658

–The KC Woodworking Show and the KC Fine Art Show together make up the Kansas City Woodworking and Fine Art Show which is primarily sponsored by the Kansas City Woodworkers’ Guild
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